D&D 5e ORC Language

Daraktan or Orcish was popularly known for ORC and it was the common language which was spoken and written by most of the ORC’s. The Dethek script was used by the Daraktan.

From the archaic Hulgorkyn language this ORC was evolved and it used by the ORC’s.

ORC Names :

The following are the ORC names, if you do not know these names then use the below names and get them instantly,

Surnames :

Dummik, Horthor, Lammar, Sormuzhik, Turnskull, Ulkrunnar, Zorgar

Given Names :

Male ORC Names: Besk, Durth, Fang, Gothog, Harl, Kesk, Orrusk, Tharag, Thog, Ugurth

Female ORC Names: Betharra, Creske, Edarreske, Duvaega, Neske, Orvaega, Varra, Yeskarra

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